Craft CMS ( is a technology that we use to create intuitive web applications while also allowing you to manage your content, no matter what it is with absolute ease.

No doubt if this content management system (CMS) is new to you you will have some questions about where it has come from, how it works & what it can do for you. Below we will introduce you to the fundamentals, run you through the basics of using Craft and direct you to the many wonderful resources that the thriving Craft community have created to help us all use this wonderful system.

Who better to set the scene than the creators of Craft, Pixel & Tonic:

“Craft doesn’t make any assumptions about your content, or how it will be presented, so developers can spend their time building exactly what they need, rather than fighting with a pre-built theme.”

Unlike almost every other CMS on the market Craft allows us to not only fully customise how your website looks but also how your content is managed. Although that sounds intuitive the vast majority of CMS's, for example the worlds most popular - WordPress, allows almost no customisation of how you can manage your content.

While we could ramble on all day about the plethora of wonderfull tidbits that Craft offers, it's always more fun to watch a quick video and have a play, so please have a look at the two links below to absorb and engage with the Craft platform:

Video - A Tour of the Craft CMS
Craft demo -

Once you've got an idea of how Craft looks, feels & functions your next question might be how future proofed is this software.

Shelf Life

Currently Craft is in its third major release (Craft 3), which we now build all of our new sites with (what's new in Craft 3). The previous iteration, Craft 2 had a shelf life of five years, receiving on average one update a week and Craft 2 will continue to be maintained/receive security patched up until 2020. Craft 3 will likely follow the same pattern.


A huge concern for us, and no doubt you is security. While no software in the world is completely secure, Craft/Pixel & Tonic take security very seriously. This is seen in their proactive and responsive ability to push patches as and when any vulnerabilities arise. While being reactive is essential, so is a security first foundation and development process, and that is exactly what Craft is built on top of. If you would like to skim the extensive list of security measures woven into Craft take a look at this Q&A from Brad Bell (One of the developers of Craft).


As you can probably tell, we love Craft here at Pitch. Combined our development team has 30+ years of experience in this sector and we have seen the good, bad and ugly (we're looking at you WordPress) side of content management. Simply Craft stands out from the crowd in almost every facet of what makes a great manageable web application. We have used it successfully to build a range of applications for our clients and will continue to do so for as long as Craft is the worlds leader in this area.


If Craft is so great, why isn't everybody using it? Well, some of the biggest digital players are: Reddit Inc, Netflix Media, Associated Press and The Guardian just to name a few.


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Peace and love