We’re on the hunt to find someone to join our team. A full time developer that adds to our culture, has some mad skills and is passionate about their craft. Our studio is in Auckland, we share our neighbourhood & space on Cross St with a good bunch of weirdly wonderful people. We only work four days a week so hopefully you’ve got other stuff you like to do :)

The role in a nutshell
Collaborating with good people and brands to produce amazing work. You’ll be leading front end development making websites & web apps and you’ll be getting involved within backend development, hosting and client communication.

Traits we’re looking for

  • Positive & friendly, add to the culture.

  • Clear & concise communicator.

  • Mustn’t be a dick. Open minded and accepting.

  • A self motivated learner (love what you do).

  • To be able to take direction & work within a team.

  • Must be very resilient & work well under pressure.

  • Confident and decisive.

  • Value good design & have amazing attention to detail

  • Interest in socially responsible projects.

  • Must not be called James... we've got enough.

Technologies we’re using

  • SASS (bonus points for GULP/npm).

  • Front end frameworks and concepts such as Bootstrap (or similar).

  • JavaScript, jQuery and plugins.

  • GIT.

  • Craft CMS and Twig tempting.

  • Apple & linux.

  • Web hosting.

  • Sketch & photoshop.

Your responsibilities

  • Culture — Add to the good vibe we’ve got going on.

  • Autonomy — You’ll need to be a self manager and someone who enjoys their independence. You’ll manage your hours, timelines, budgets, quality control and communication.

  • Management & communication — A crucial part to making your projects run smoothly for you, the team and the client. Clear, concise & friendly communication within the team & with clients.

  • Scoping & planning — Approximately estimating your time / cost for inclusion in proposals & budgets. Effectively breaking up your workload into sprints, creating timelines, setting milestones and understanding the project in-depth.

  • Connections & research — You’re connected to the development community within NZ and internationally. Researching & staying on top of your game.

  • Development — Bring kick-ass website & web app designs to life, primarily front end but ideally you’ll also be doing backend builds and hosting setups / deployments.

We’re looking for someone with 4+ years industry experience, ideally a senior developer.

Get in touch
Flick through a short email to hello@pitchstudio.co.nz with why you'd be a good fit, attach your CV and link us through to some of your work. If we're digging your email we'll tee up a coffee date. 

Peace and love